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Every painting begins as a multi-sensory conversation with  a special location. There is a sense of timeless balance between the essence of place and its various iterations. I love the interaction of the larger abstract shapes with the sometimes whimsical details of the moment. I look first for the abstract and then for movement,  contrast, details, and intimacy within. I see people and animals fitting in as accents rather than dominating the whole.


Many of my paintings begin on location, but I also finish them in my studio, pondering next moves over the course of several weeks. Bird photography as a hobby often draws me out for an adventure and the discovery of a new point of view. The birds then populate many of my paintings.


As a lower and middle school art teacher for over 30 years, I have learned much from both my students and the ongoing research involved in curriculum building. Having started as a watercolor artist, I loved the privilege of playing with many genres and media. That I am now drawn back to landscape reflects my continuing sense that in nature lies both my best inspiration and the deep sense of interconnectedness that I would most like to share. My transition to acrylic paint remains informed by the fluid experience of watercolor.


I focus unabashedly on the beautiful, cheerful and happy aspects of the world. While fully aware of all that other, I prefer to add my energy to what I love.


About The Prints:


I recommend canvas gallery wrapped prints with the mirrored border. That way you do not need a frame. However you can also purchase a variety of other mounting options.

I have tested the canvas print quality and was pleased with the results.  The company assures me that these are archival Giclee prints:


“The Giclee canvases and pigment inks are archival and
are sprayed with a topcoat to help protect them from
the elements. Generally speaking, these will last about 75 years.”



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